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A vacation in your mind

Before I had kids, I loved to travel. Actually, I still love to travel. But as you can imagine, “travel” with three small children is a totally different experience than backpacking around Europe as a young adult. Since Clementine was born five years ago, we have been out of the country exactly one time. And with Freddy being just a…

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A Stoic upbringing, Miscellaneous


Oikeiosis is a strange Greek word that has an even stranger (and to us, rather vague) meaning, and yet it was once central to Stoic thought and doctrine. When it is mentioned in modern Stoic writing, it has to be extensively glossed, since we have no true equivalent concepts in modern Western society. Translators have used words such as affinity,…

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Stoic parent role models

Stoics have always been big believers in role models. In antiquity they often suggested that learners picture a wise man watching their actions, or that they ask themselves what a wise person would do in their situation. We know that the Stoics talked a lot about the ideal sage, so one way to do this exercise is to think about…

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