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The flexible Stoic: Solving parenting challenges with rationality

One of my favorite things about Stoicism is that it provides both clear guidelines for living and the freedom to apply those guidelines as each person sees fit. The ancient Stoics developed a very strong rationale for seeking virtue, and a very clear understanding of what virtue is and what it might look like in certain circumstances. But ultimately, it’s…

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It’s a wonderful life

  Sometimes I find myself wishing that things could be better than they actually are. It might be a wish that my kids weren’t so whiny, or that my house could magically clean itself, or that it weren’t raining so I could send the kids outside to play. When Clementine and James start arguing, I start wishing that I had…

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Happy families: A Stoic guide to family relationships

  See an expanded version of this post on the Stoicism Today blog at Modern Stoicism. “All happy families are alike,” wrote Tolstoy in Anna Karenina, and “each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” When I first read this line as a teenager, I couldn’t understand what Tolstoy meant. How could there be many kinds of unhappiness, but…

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