About Apparent Stoic

Welcome to Apparent Stoic! My goal here is to explore issues surrounding modern parenting from a modern Stoic perspective. If you’re new to Stoicism, you can find an introduction to this tried-and-true philosophy of life here. (And if you’re new to parenting, get ready–you’re in for a spectacular ride that will challenge and thrill you unlike anything else you have ever experienced!) In the spirit of both rational inquiry and rational parenting, please enjoy this content charitably and responsibly.


About me

I began practicing Stoicism a year ago after I officially became a stay-at-home mother to my three wonderful children: Clementine (5), James (3), and Freddy (1). (I’m using pseudonyms for my children to protect their privacy.) Prior to this I was a university instructor, avid traveler, and lifelong student of history, art, literature, and language. Having young children has changed pretty much everything I do, and studying Stoicism has guided me through these transitions in my professional and personal life. I hope to hear from other parents and Stoics about how they deal with the important and difficult issues surrounding parenting and Stoicism. Please let me know in the comments if you have any ideas or experience with Stoic parenting!


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