Dichotomy of control, Parenting basics

Are you a good parent?

  The world is overflowing with advice on how to be a good parent. Anywhere you look, you can find books and websites on parenting skills, parenting goals, parenting strategies, and all kinds of tips and tricks and secrets. (I even have a few suggestions floating around Apparent Stoic.) It’s enough to induce performance anxiety in any well-meaning mom or…

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Interview with the Sunday Stoic

Please check out my interview with Steve Karafit of The Sunday Stoic podcast! In this episode we discuss the cardinal rules for Stoic parenting, plus oikeiosis, dealing with parenting frustrations, and more. Episode 34: Stoic Parenting I hope you find our conversation useful. Please let me know if you have questions or comments about any of these topics!


It’s a wonderful life

  Sometimes I find myself wishing that things could be better than they actually are. It might be a wish that my kids weren’t so whiny, or that my house could magically clean itself, or that it weren’t raining so I could send the kids outside to play. When Clementine and James start arguing, I start wishing that I had…

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A Stoic upbringing, Parenting basics

Shaping your child’s character, not personality

It seems that everyone and everything in our world is obsessed with personality. Your personality type (of which there are many), Donald Trump’s personality, crafting a personality that will help you succeed in business or at cocktail parties. People are deemed desirable or undesirable on the basis of their personality: he’s weird, she talks too much, she’s desperate, he’s awkward.…

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